Sunday, May 25, 2008

last couple of weeks in Taiwan

Sadie blowing raspberries:

Sadie, 7 months, blowing raspberries

My family took me on a hike for Mother's Day. Jonas found a friendly walking stick:

Mother's Day Hike 2008

Big mossy stone walls make me happy.

Mother's Day Hike 2008

So do Banyan tree roots taking over walls:

Mother's Day Hike 2008

It was really pretty.

Mother's Day Hike 2008

Even the chemically altered PVC pipes had a certain beauty:

Mother's Day Hike 2008

Large boulders demand that you jump across them:

Mother's Day Hike 2008

Cute babies demand that you say, "ah boo!":

Mother's Day Hike 2008

Lots more photos at my Flickr page, click on the photos above to get there.

I will have to post another time about our upcoming move (next week). I'm still a little stunned and can barely think of all the things about Taiwan that I will miss - the singing garbage trucks, the bad english signs, all the friendly people.... I think it will take some time to process. But we will soon see most of you stateside!

Oh, and here is some video of Jonas playing with M and Luo Szi Shiang. I love it. They are doing what 6 year olds everywhere do: negotiating the rules of the game. You'll also get a glimpse of our gardener, because god forbid we actually do our own gardening of our 1/10 acre yard. There's another, shorter video at my dropshots page (right here)

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Lots of happenings around here. In early March, we moved from #25 to #15. It's a wonderfully bright and airy house, with enough space for everybody, and Peter's office, as well.

We also have a very charming front yard. Here's the banyan tree at sunset (if you could walk up to the little wall behind it, you'd look 25 feet straight down to the alley below):

Banyan tree in our front yard

This is what it must be like to be 3:

Ada, 3 1/2

Little miss happy and little miss calm on the new couch we had made:

Ada, 3 1/2, and Sadie, 5 months

Taiwan gothic:

Taiwan gothic

Jonas is so amazing with Sadie!

Jonas and Sadie love each other

The kids' school had a sports day, where Jonas ran in the relay for his class. He comes by it honestly.

Jonas' sports day relay

Ada had a ballet recital. Here she is waiting to go on. This is all the audience saw of her, too, because she refused to dance and only wanted to look at me backstage the whole time!

Ada's ballet recital

Sadie has a neck ring that she got as a gift. These things are kind of popular's kind of neat.

Sadie, Ada and Jonas

Sadie is already turning 7 months old this week! She's been sitting up for a good month now. I like to call this "puppy dog phase":

Sadie, 6 months, puppy-dog phase

She's such a dear!

Sadie, 6 months

There are lots more pictures of Sadie, as well as some shots of our weekend at Camp Taiwan at Flickr - just click on any of the pictures above to go to my page there.

Here's Jonas on the zip wire at Camp Taiwan - it took him 2 days to work up the nerve, but when he finally wanted to, he REALLY wanted to! This is his 3rd time:

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And here it is, your moment of zen. Welcome to life as a student in Taiwan! These are the hired 'sports' coordinators for the kids' sports day.

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(there are a couple of other new videos up here, at Dropshots)