Saturday, October 20, 2007

sadie after one week

Sadie opens her eyes now and exercises.
Sadie 9 days old

She fits in preemie clothes quite nicely, even though she was 7lbs at birth. The pocket on her pj's here is so small that I can't fit my index finger in it.

She has nice fingers, if I do say so myself.
I admire her fingers

New hats made by Yaya arrived in the mail this week. One day, it will be hard to believe she could fit in this teensie hat:
Sadie in hat, 10 days old

Ada ventured closer to the baby this week:
Ada, 3, Sadie, 10 days

Ada also looked very cute while eating apples:
Ada eating an apple, Jonas playing

Sunday, October 14, 2007

an introduction

Introducing Sadie Gatewood Brown:

First morning

Born October 8, 2007 at 10:10pm, at HsinJuang Waterbirth Clinic, weighing 3.1 kilos. She came 2 days after the typhoon, just like Ada came 2 days after a typhoon!

Sadie, the day she got her name, 5 days old:
Sadie, 5 days old

She looks so much like Ada did at birth. Ada at 4 days old (before she got HER name!):
Ada, 4 days old

Here's me at birth. Similarities include hair and fingers, but I'm not sure of what else:
Blythe Noelle

This picture cracks me up, I love the missing tooth and the scrunched up face:
happy big brother, scrunched face

A few more photos at my flickr page, just click on any of the above photos to get there. I haven't taken many pictures yet, but will post more as soon as I can!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Typhoons and babies

In the Pacific region, there is an old wives' tale that typhoons bring on labor.

Here is the typhoon tracker from the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau (click on typhoon -> typhoon news on the left):

Typhoon coming to Taiwan

That means that the typhoon is due to travel right through Taipei on Saturday night and Sunday. Today is Friday. Wonder if it will do anything? Ada was born two days after a typhoon passed through Taipei.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

life in Holland

Exactly a year ago, we were finally settled into what we thought would be life in Holland for the following few years. I'm feeling nostalgic lately for our life there.

I really miss our backyard, where Jonas and Ada played with the puppy, learned how to kick the soccer ball, and caught frogs.

Jonas, Ada and Mickey

Boys catching frogs:

Boys catching frogs

I miss my kids in their wooden shoes.


I miss the trampoline in our backyard.

The trampoline

I miss our big kitchen, where we spent all our time, running in and out from the backyard.

Ada on blades

I really, really miss our neighborhood, and the woods behind our house where we walked Mickey everyday. I loved waking up before dawn (which isn't all that early in the winter in Holland) and taking the dog out into the fresh, dark woods. It made me feel peaceful and revived the rest of the day.

The back woods

We could spend hours at the canal in our neighborhood, throwing sticks, feeding ducks and watching Mickey swim gleefully.

The canal

I miss Jonas' school, which we rode our bikes to everyday in the morning bike rush hour on the paths in our neighborhood. That also just made my day. Jonas had the best, best teacher ever. And his Dutch was coming along nicely at this time last year.

Jonas' 5th birthday party at school

Juf Susan celebrating Jonas' birthday

I miss the zoo in Best, which was in the woods five minutes from our house. One of the brilliant things about Holland is that wherever there is a place for kids to play, not far away is a place to get beer on tap. Isn't that smart? Whenever Peter was out of town, I often took the kids up to this zoo and let them run around the tiny zoo while I enjoyed a fresh Grolsch. We would also eat dutch pancakes at the pancake cafe next door, and if we had time, we'd stop in at the Klompen Museum (wooden shoes museum) across the little road.

At the zoo, Best

I also miss FairyTale Land (de Efteling)...

Fairytale land

Snow globe, de Efteling

... living within driving distance to Paris...

Ada, Jonas and me in Paris

... outdoor cafes ...

Outdoor cafe

... and cops on rollerblades.

Cops on blades

We enjoyed Amsterdam, too, but I can't find any of our photos from our trips there! I wonder if someday I'll miss Taiwan in the same way?