Sunday, October 14, 2007

an introduction

Introducing Sadie Gatewood Brown:

First morning

Born October 8, 2007 at 10:10pm, at HsinJuang Waterbirth Clinic, weighing 3.1 kilos. She came 2 days after the typhoon, just like Ada came 2 days after a typhoon!

Sadie, the day she got her name, 5 days old:
Sadie, 5 days old

She looks so much like Ada did at birth. Ada at 4 days old (before she got HER name!):
Ada, 4 days old

Here's me at birth. Similarities include hair and fingers, but I'm not sure of what else:
Blythe Noelle

This picture cracks me up, I love the missing tooth and the scrunched up face:
happy big brother, scrunched face

A few more photos at my flickr page, just click on any of the above photos to get there. I haven't taken many pictures yet, but will post more as soon as I can!


Sara said...

This post and pictures make me happy after a long day with teenagers!
Love to you all, Sara

tinkers555 said...

she is beautiful, love her hair!! hope you're all doing well, we're thinking of you 5 :)

megan said...

congrats blythe! you sure make beautiful babies. send me an email at when you come up for air--would love to bother you!

Kristy said...

What a beauty!

Hey, I hope that I may come up there in January...I would love to see you!