Monday, September 24, 2007

School Lunch Menu

I just got the English version of the kids' school lunch menu. Here are a few things my kids have to look forward to:

Sponge cucumber with oyster
Finger plant
Bamboo mushroom soup with pork ball
Boiled flour mixed with shredded fish
Pork cubic with 4 color vegetables
Formented beancurd soup with fish
Ox tripe soup with Job's tears
Boiled pork with kelp
Squid with sweet green bean

Good thing they don't know about Pizza Friday at the American School down the road! Actually, the meals are all really healthy and well-rounded, and Jonas and Ada grew up here, so it's pretty normal fare for them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


September is past halfway, and I think it must be about time to show what we've been up to. Mostly, we are just waiting for baby to come. We have less than 3 weeks until the due date! Wouldn't it be nice if my next post was a baby announcement? I like to play with fate by saying things like that.

Jonas has been pretty innovative again these days. Within a week, he designed and executed the following:

The Snowboard:
The snowboard

The World's Biggest Paper Airplane:
World's Biggest Paper Airplane

Ninja turtle masks and capes in all four colors:
Ninja turtle masks and capes

We've been to the beach a lot lately. The weather is perfect!
Peter and Ada at the beach

Buns at the Beach, or, Beach Buns:
Buns at the beach, or, Beach Buns

What we saw on the way home from the beach:
What we saw on the way home from the beach

Bonfire at Baishawan beach (Jonas at bottom right):
The bonfire at dusk

She looks so old now (don't you love the rainboots/leotard combo):
She looks so much older

Give me a kiss goodnight! They share the bottom bunk now. It mostly works well, but sometimes one of them wakes up with a foot on his or her face and hits the foot's owner.
Kiss at bedtime