Wednesday, September 19, 2007


September is past halfway, and I think it must be about time to show what we've been up to. Mostly, we are just waiting for baby to come. We have less than 3 weeks until the due date! Wouldn't it be nice if my next post was a baby announcement? I like to play with fate by saying things like that.

Jonas has been pretty innovative again these days. Within a week, he designed and executed the following:

The Snowboard:
The snowboard

The World's Biggest Paper Airplane:
World's Biggest Paper Airplane

Ninja turtle masks and capes in all four colors:
Ninja turtle masks and capes

We've been to the beach a lot lately. The weather is perfect!
Peter and Ada at the beach

Buns at the Beach, or, Beach Buns:
Buns at the beach, or, Beach Buns

What we saw on the way home from the beach:
What we saw on the way home from the beach

Bonfire at Baishawan beach (Jonas at bottom right):
The bonfire at dusk

She looks so old now (don't you love the rainboots/leotard combo):
She looks so much older

Give me a kiss goodnight! They share the bottom bunk now. It mostly works well, but sometimes one of them wakes up with a foot on his or her face and hits the foot's owner.
Kiss at bedtime


Sara said...

So cute! I can't believe how close you are to the big day. You know -- you can call me when it happens, even if it's our nighttime. More soon!

Judy Davidson said...

Clever boy, Jonas!