Saturday, July 7, 2007

random photos

This afternoon we are getting ready for Ada's birthday party tomorrow. She was born on the 4th of July in Taiwan, 3 short years ago. We are going to have Hello Kitty everything, except for a big cake made by a woman I know who graduated from Cordon Bleu International in Paris. Yum!

The children are running around fighting monsters. Jonas is wearing his Monster Fighting Cape and Ada is wearing her Monster-Fighting ... Frog Suit. It's pretty effective, the frog suit. Actually, Ada has come up with an innovative way of dealing with monsters - she offers them her cheese and crackers, then they become her friend.

Now that she is 3, her imagination is really developing. Today, we were getting out of the car at the grocery store, the one in the basement at the mall, where you have to park on the 6th floor of the 12-floor building. Makes total sense. She was standing by the balcony of the garage and she was holding out her cupped hands up to the sky. She said, "I trying to catch bird". She's been intent on catching a bird these last few days. She said, "take bird home, buy a cage." She has it all planned out. I wish I could catch a bird for her.

Here are some recent photos:

Jonas' job is to set the table. Check out his creativity - plates on top of bowls, beetles for the kids. When I saw it, he tried to tell me that Peter had set the table, not him! It wasn't too hard to figure out.
Jonas' table settings

Back in the old days, when Ada was only 2 years old, last week:

Jonas and the really, really, really, really big earthworm. There's another photo close-up at my Flickr page (click on the photo to get there).
Jonas and really big earthworm

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