Monday, September 24, 2007

School Lunch Menu

I just got the English version of the kids' school lunch menu. Here are a few things my kids have to look forward to:

Sponge cucumber with oyster
Finger plant
Bamboo mushroom soup with pork ball
Boiled flour mixed with shredded fish
Pork cubic with 4 color vegetables
Formented beancurd soup with fish
Ox tripe soup with Job's tears
Boiled pork with kelp
Squid with sweet green bean

Good thing they don't know about Pizza Friday at the American School down the road! Actually, the meals are all really healthy and well-rounded, and Jonas and Ada grew up here, so it's pretty normal fare for them.

1 comment:

Sara said...

I find some nice, boiled flour really helps me pull through until snack time. Job's tears? Really? That's a pretty heavy weight to pull on the wee ones. (Jeff says, "Hide your daughters.") Awesome.
Hope you are well...
Sara Jeff Lucy