Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December in our house

Sadie is 10 weeks old and she is a big smiler!

Sadie 10 weeks.

Sadie 10 weeks.

She's gaining a lot of weight, but I think most of it is in her cheeks.

Sadie 10 weeks.

In other news, Jonas found a beetle by the garden up the alley. He brought it home and it ate some spinach. It got cuddled a lot. Then we let it go in the yard.

Jonas and beetle

We also went to the beach on a balmy December day.

Ada at JinShan beach


Rachel said...

I apologize for invading your blog. I have connected with you through a thread on Mothering.com from 2002. I am looking for...I don't know exactly. It's just that raising my son is unspeakably difficult. Your comments are so similar to what I am feeling. You have obviously survived and I suppose I am wondering how?
Thank you so much for your time.

Rachel Adams
Palm Desert, CA

b said...

Hi Rachel, if you give me access to your profile or email, I can send you a message privately. Blythe

Rachel said...

Thank you.

Nola said...


Hi old friend.

Send me a line with your email address.

Find me at myname at myname myfavdance dottness net

mother of Raven

sarah said...

I love the pictures of the kids! I am inspired by your blog and hope that someday I can start one as well. Hurry up and post new pictures - these are already old!