Thursday, March 22, 2007

easter bunnies and tienmu trail

This week an exciting box came from Nana and Grandpa B with some Easter goodies in it. Each kid got a little bunny, and it was very important to Jonas that we take a picture of the bunnies:

The new easter bunnies

In other news, weeks of rainy clouds finally blew away one morning in a refreshing spring breeze, and I took the opportunity to go for my first walk up the Tienmu Trail by our house. It is only a couple of kilometres and takes you up to the Chinese Culture University at the top of Yangming Mountain. The signs:

Signs at the Tienmu Trail

In order to get to the actual trail, you have to climb about a thousand one hundred thirty four (not really, but it's a lot, and that is Jonas' favorite number) steps. The steps:

Steps up the Tienmu Trail

I like moss:

Tienmu Trail

An historical item. When the Japanese occupied Taiwan for 50 years (starting in 1895), they built aqueducts to supply water to Taipei. According to the Taipei City Government, the Grass Mountain Waterworks, completed in 1928, "could deliver 28,800 cubic meters of water per day, meeting the needs of 150,000 people." Here is the main line of the aqueduct of that project, still in use today:

Tienmu Trail

As with any nature hike in Taiwan, you get lots of non-nature spectacles, as well. Here is a kitchen-sort of thing. Is it a restuarant? A public use kitchen? I have no idea. But it has a nice view.

Tienmu Trail

More non-nature things (that nature appears to be reclaiming):

Tienmu Trail

Tienmu Trail

A little house and yard along the trailside:

Tienmu Trail

Watch out for macaques at dawn and dusk! Unfortunately, I was there at mid-morning and did not happen upon any.

Sign on Tienmu Trail

Despite not seeing any macaques, I did get to breathe some nice, fresh air. It smells like lilies, moss and wet earth up there. Dreamy. And here is the view from near the top:

Tienmu Trail


Sara said...

Wonderful, wonderful! Your first magazine is on the way (although I'm not sure how long it will take to get there). More soon, S.

Kristy said...

Love seeing your blog back! Miss you and the kids and hope we get to catch up and see you soon!

Lots to chat about I am sure :-)