Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Steamed dumplings

Aren't you jealous of our lunch? Steamed Shanghai pork dumplings (shao long bao), braised tofu, and fresh sweet potato greens. We all eat heartily when we have this meal.

Last night, the kids and I tried out a new restaurant. It is new to us, anyways. Our favorite fried dumpling (guo tie) stand is closed, so we heard about another one. As soon as we entered the tiny place and found a table, somebody came over to help us fill out the order form, which is written in Chinese. Then he asked us where we are from, how old the kids are, where is Baba, etc. By the time our order was done, the entire restaurant knew all about us, as well as the whereabouts of Peter - I noticed everybody was listening intently.

Halfway through the dinner, an older couple came in and were charmed by Ada - she kept showing them how old she was and trying to talk to them. They started in with all the questions, too, and I kind of wished that somebody at the next table could answer them for us so we could finally eat!

Here is the cutie herself. How could you not be charmed by her?

On her way out the door

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