Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Welcome back, everybody, from the old Formosa Diaries. I had to change my blog name and blog software for a few reasons. For one, there are a couple of other Formosa Diaries blogs out there now (I'm flattered). My biggest problem, though, is that I can't remember how to access my old FD account - it's been awhile.

I'm starting up with the blogging again because I recently spent six weeks in the U.S. and was struck by how little my friends and family know about our daily life here. Several people told me how much they enjoyed checking in on our family and seeing what it's like to be American in Taiwan. So this blog is really mainly for the doting grandparents and cousins and close friends back home.

I do miss my old photography, too. I don't pretend to know anything about the art of photography - I only enjoy the process of taking pictures and sharing what I have seen. The best part of it for me is how much more I see when I am intending to share my photos. It opens my eyes and I find so much more in my environment to enjoy.

One note about the new name: Bright Sun Mountain. We now live in a sweet, little stone house on the edge of Yangming Mountain north of Taipei. Yangming in Mandarin literally means "sunshine bright", as far as my old Chinese training informs me.

I always welcome (and thrive on!) positive comments.

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