Saturday, February 10, 2007

Laundry Morning in the Front Yard

Laundry Morning in the Front Yard

Many years ago, if somebody told me I'd be living in Taipei one day, I would have pictured a busy, dirty city, not this. Not these serene, birdsong mornings.

Helping Out

The dryer is broken, so until we get a new one, we are left to use the old-fashioned method. The weather has been pristine this week, with clear blue skies and gentle winds that dry the clothes in under an hour.

Jonas enjoys helping out and is pretty swift and careful about getting the clothes off the line. He's also good at folding pants, which is the only part of the laundry that he's willing to fold.

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Sara said...

These pictures are delicious. We are having mild weather as well. It feels good to be outside again after being ill and cooped up for days. Lucy likes seeing Ada's pictures too -- big smiles. Now, she is picking up various items and saying, "this is for Ada."

Jeff said...

We can't wait to see your lovely little house.